Welcome to Microoptica Ltd.
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Welcome to Microoptica Ltd.
Light microscopes Microscope Systems Micropipette fabrication
Upright, Inverted, Stereo ... Confocal, Laser Microdissection...


arrow_1_rightPrimo Star         arrow_1_rightPrimo Vert
arrow_1_rightAxio Lab.A1       arrow_1_rightAxiovert 40 
arrow_1_rightAxio Scope        arrow_1_rightAxio Observer 
arrow_1_rightAxio Imager      arrow_1_rightStemi DV4
arrow_1_rightAxio Examiner   arrow_1_rightStemi 2000   
arrow_1_rightLSM 780          arrow_1_rightPALM MicroBeam
arrow_1_rightLSM 700         arrow_1_rightSuperresolution
arrow_1_rightLSM 710         arrow_1_rightIVF, ICSI, IMSI 
arrow_1_rightLSM 710 NLO   arrow_1_rightLSM 7 MP

arrow_1_rightP 1000           arrow_1_rightP 2000     
arrow_1_rightP 97               arrow_1_rightP 30
arrow_1_rightBV 10 Beveler


AxioImager_190px LSM710 200px p1000

Cameras & Software Micromanipulation  
Digital microscope cameras and Software for Electrophisology, ICSI, Pronuclear...  

arrow_1_rightAxioCam cameras
arrow_1_rightAxioVision software
arrow_1_rightProgRes  cameras

arrow_1_rightXenoworks (IVF, ICSI, IMSI)       
arrow_1_rightMP 285      arrow_1_rightMP 225
arrow_1_rightMP 265      arrow_1_rightMP 85 
arrow_1_rightMPC 200    arrow_1_rightMPC 365 


AxiolabA1 Progress 200px Xenoworks_220dpi